The chaos inside of me

Photo by Shot by Cerqueira on Unsplash

Sometimes I think the world is about to explode and I need to say that I like you one more time before the inevitable end. Yesterday skies were conspiring about us humans and I don’t think it matters if you hate yourself or don’t know how to drive. Everything is as uncertain and fragile as the petals of a flower by the end of spring.

When I was a kid I used to swim in the middle of the storm because I thought magic was real and electricity was just another way to have magic running through you. A path to becoming fantastic, more interesting and somehow less… breakable. However, it did not matter how many storms I swim through or how many fights I picked with the skies. The final days have already begun and I’m too sweet to let everything go without creating some memories to carry and read while I see the world burn again.

I wish I could save whales from extinction just like I could keep you and some other people that I left behind in my right pocket. We all have our demons, some live as unwelcome visitors staying way too long at home and others live within us. They like to talk, say some nonsense and remind me that not even all the Gods and magic in the world can fix me. I’m going to have some tea with mine, wanna bring yours? They only bite if you don’t pay attention but they will eat everything you give them.

Let’s watch the world’s demise by the top of Himalaia with our demons, drinking some tea and talking about how everything was designed to end. I will hold your hand if you want to and tell stories about the old country.

I want to be able to say goodbye when everything turns into a blur and have your eyes be the last thing before the end.



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